Action Alerts

New York State Education Department is canceling the contracts they have with the Early Childhood Direction Centers. Many of us have benefited from these centers.

The NYS Board of Regents, responsible for the general supervision of all educational activities within the State, including the New York State Education Department, is very concerned about the ECDC closure and the lack of transparency in the process.  The Regents are meeting on Monday, January 14th. There is very little time to let them know what the lack of ECDC supports will mean for families in NYS.

Attached is a list of the NYS Regents and suggested language. Please share your experience with the ECDC and include any specific references.  It would be most helpful to contact Regent Mead, the Manhattan Regent, as well as Regent Young, who is the Member at Large, and Regents Reyes and Odurkirk, who co-chaired the NYS Board of Regents Early Childhood Workgroup’s Blue Ribbon Committee.

List of Regents:
Suggested  Letter Content: