Stakeholder Informational Session: Family Support Services (FSS) Reimbursement Updates

Where: In the SLMS enroll here or under class code: Webex-CCO-FSS-20230530-1P

What: In response to CCO, Provider and Family feedback regarding the 2022 changes to FSS reimbursement, clarifying guidance specific to ADM-2022-02R has been developed.

To promote consistency regarding updated practices and familiarity with revised materials statewide, an informational session has been scheduled for all relevant stakeholders responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the FSS family reimbursement programs.  This is inclusive of Care Managers and CCO staff. 

Topics to be highlighted during this session include:

  • Considerations and updates specific to Allowable and Non-Allowable items;
  • Funding flexibilities: partial reimbursements, direct purchase, & pro-rating;
  • Clarification on emergency reimbursement criteria;
  • Review of dispute resolution (appeal) process;
  • Clarification on FSS funding for individuals participating in Self Directed Services (SDS) and Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Programs (CDPAP);
  • Documentation requirements specific to Life Plans and supporting justifications
  • FSS Provider and CCO responsibilities;
  • Changes and updates to FSS documentation (FAQ document, FSS Application, and tracker/tracker instructions).