Message from the Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs)

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am pleased to report that this past weekend, Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) began providing care management services for over 100,000 people. Over 97% of the people already receiving care coordination chose the more comprehensive Health Home Care Management service, signaling overwhelming support for more flexibility, more innovation and more customization in the planning of their services.

With Health Home Care Management, people will now be able to plan their disability, health and wellness services all in one place. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of former Medicaid Service Coordinators, many of whom are now Care Managers in the new system, nearly everyone selected their new CCO and type of care management service by the July 1 deadline.

By separating the management of care from the provision of services, the launch of CCOs is probably the most exciting advancement we have made in our system to date. This step was essential to building a managed care system for people with developmental disabilities here in New York State, and we continue to work with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and our numerous stakeholder groups to carry that plan forward.

Based on the enthusiastic response for enhanced Health Home Care Management, OPWDD is certain that managed care will help New York State provide you and/or your loved one with the flexible services that matter most to you and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

We are currently working with our federal and state partners to use both the OPWDD Comprehensive Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver and the 1115 Waiver to bring specialized managed care to New York. Over the coming months, we will be reaching out for public comment on the proposed transition to managed care and we will also begin holding public information forums to inform, educate and receive your feedback.

We look forward to helping the people we serve achieve their desired outcomes through enhanced care management services.


Kerry A. Delaney

Acting Commissioner